Is it socially acceptable to kiss your dogs ON THE LIPS?

Katie Price has shocked fans and her husband alike by feeding her dogs with her own mouth!

The former glamour model shared a short video on Instagram where she, a non-bird human, gives one of her dogs a bit of KFC chicken with her mouth. In the background, you can see her husband Kieran Hayler looking very unimpressed.

(Which is quite ironic since, with her autobiography detailing his infidelities out right now, he’s been in the dog house for quite some time)

Naughty night kfc and now sharing with queenie 🐶

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The mum-of-five captioned the video: ‘Naughty night KFC and now sharing with queenie’


And fans were a little grossed out by the display. One wrote: ‘Yuck. Hope that dog hasn’t just licked his bottom.’

An excellent point…

Another added: ‘How disgusting is that letting the dog eat from your mouth. Dogs lick themselves.’

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But Katie seems to be courting controversy wherever she goes these days. She was spotted spending a lot of time in a hotel with Katie Price at the weekend — though both stars have denied anything happened.

And when she met up with Now journalist Jack White, the 38-year-old told him to: ‘Sit on my lap, get your d**k out and I’ll suck it.’

Seems she’s just rather blasé about all this mouth stuff.