Katie has launched a scathing attack on fellow CBB contestant Katie Hopkins – on her 40th birthday, no less

It’s Katie Hopkins‘ 40th birthday today, but instead of receiving some nice, well-wisher messages from her fellow Celebrity Big Brother contestants, she has been on the receiving end of a Katie Price tongue lashing.

After a stormy relationship in the Big Brother house – first they loved each other, then they fell out spectacularly – Katie H hasn’t been quiet about her feelings for Katie P, whom she has repeatedly dubbed as ‘boring’.

So, we’ve been waiting on the edge of our seats for Pricey‘s comeback. But, in classic KP fashion, she’s chosen to wait until TODAY to unleash her attack: On Katie Hopkins‘ 40th birthday.


Speaking to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on ITV‘s This Morning, Katie Price said:

‘I think Katie Hopkins is a disgusting human being. I went into the house wanting to like her and have banter with her, she looked like she could be quite funny. But I’ve done a full circle with her. I’m confused who she is – she has got this side, but a lot of it is the nasty side.

‘She thinks people voted for her because they like her being a bully, so I think she’s become more of that. But if she doesn’t watch it, people will turn on her, then what has she got? If I was her mum and dad, I would be ashamed of her. Her attitude is disgusting. She’s got no respect for anyone.’

Woah, Pricey, woah!

KP also admitted that her intention in entering CBB was to make friends, which was foiled by the likes of The Hopkins: ‘I’ve had a couple of friends who have been really disloyal to me. I was looking for friends who would be loyal. I didn’t have a game plan, I only knew three days before that I was going in.

‘I was hoping in there, genuinely wanting, to like people. I haven’t watched it but people have told me things that people said behind my back. It’s disappointing what some people are like.’

Meanwhile, Katie Hopkins revealed her birthday plans in an exclusive interview with Now, explaining she’s doing something genuinely LOVELY for a friend of hers.

She tells us: ‘I’m not so keen on doing birthday parties for myself. I’m not so big on the attention all coming to me, I feel a little big awkward with that. And one of my girlfriends lost her father just before Christmas, so we’re going to have a party, or a Christmas, now, so that she can enjoy Christmas.’

Aww! Surely she can’t be all bad, Pricey?

In the This Morning interview, Katie P also revealed her Valentine’s day plans with husband Kieran Hayler – the pair are going to watch CBB‘s Alexander O’Neal perform. How lovely!

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