Katie Price has spoken out about her husband's affair with ex-BFF Jane Pountney

Katie Price is one of the most controversial and talked-about woman in Britain, but there’s still more we want to know!
Now’s been given the first look at an explosive new Channel 5 documentary that reveals the 37- year-old’s raw and emotional therapy sessions with one of the UK’s leading psychiatrists specialising in women’s mental health, Dr Claudia Bernat. Katie says: ‘My head is full of hurt and pain,’ as she speaks out about husband Kieran Hayler‘s affair with ex-BFF Jane Pountney, her many boob jobs and her fear that people are only with her for money.


‘I’d be happy if Jane died in a car crash’
In 2012, just two months after she ended her engagement to Leandro Penna, Katie fell head-over-heels for former stripper Kieran Hayler, 28. ‘From day one of meeting him, five weeks later I was pregnant and married to him. It felt right, ­ I’m a sucker for love,’ gushes Katie, who has two children with Kieran, Jett, two, and Bunny, one. But while the couple holidayed in Cape Verde last year with friends, Katie caught Kieran kissing her best friend of 20 years Jane Pountney, later discovering they’d been having a 10-month affair.
In the gripping documentary, Katie makes her most shocking revelation ever about how she really feels about the woman who slept with her husband. ‘I know this is harsh to say, but if Jane could die in a car crash or she could get an illness to make her suffer and she’d die from it, I’d be a very happy woman,’ she says. ‘I knew she fancied him. When I caught
them, it was like two people had been murdered.’
Struggling to hold back the tears, an emotional Katie breaks down and describes the pain she still feels over a year later, admitting she thinks about the affair ‘every single day. It tortures me’. She and Kieran are now back on track, renewing their vows in February after Kieran underwent an intense 12-week sex therapy programme to mend their marriage.

‘I thought a body with no boobs was unattractive’
Katie first made a name for herself as Page 3 girl ‘Jordan’, with natural 32B breasts, but as soon as she turned 18 she had her first boob job, going to a 32D ­ despite a poll that saw 92 per cent vote in favour of her staying natural.

‘A body ­ for me at the time ­ with no boobs, wasn’t attractive,’ reveals Katie, adding: ‘Everyone said don’t do it, but I didn’t give a shit ­ it was what I wanted.’
After seven further breast operations ­ with one surgeon jokily threatening to shoot her if she came back to him for any more, ­ Katie peaked at a size 32GG. Earlier this year she had her implants removed and is now back to a B-cup, but has said she won’t rule out another boob job.

‘I don’t know if people are with me for my money’
With her brand worth an estimated £45 million, Katie’s men ­ including husband Kieran ­ have been accused of using the wealthy businesswoman for her burgeoning bank account. Even Katie herself has doubts about her partners’ motivations, which she reveals in the documentary.
‘I don’t know if people are with me because of money or are they with me for me. I’m 37, I’ve been married three times, I’ve got five kids by three different guys- ­ if I put that on a dating site, would anyone really come back? No, they wouldn’t. Now let me add: ‘A nice big house and nice cars,’ and also: ‘She earns money, she can look after herself, she pays for her
own kids, she doesn’t want any money from you at all!’ “F*** yeah, Im interested in her now.”‘



Katie Price: In Therapy is on Channel 5 at 9pm on 21 August



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