The job as Pricey's PA doesn't sound too glam


Katie Price’s personal assistant has reportedly quit the role that included picking up dog poo, driving the former glamour model around and returning online shopping.

Katie Price

The reality star’s best friend Dionne Dunne was hired to be her PA back in February, but has now resigned after just four months.

Dionne, who appeared on Katie Price’s Pony Club as ‘Amber’s mum’ now works for a radio station in Brighton instead.

Dishing the details on the explanation behind Dionne’s decision to throw the towel in on the role as Pricey’s assistant, a source revealed: ‘Dionne worked really, really hard for Katie – she had to drive her to court appearances, pick up dog poo around the house and on the drive outside and return her online shopping.


Katie Price

‘She’d also clean up after Katie and the kids in the house, do her food shopping, book Katie’s nail and hair appointments and wait while she was in the salon.’

Speaking to The Sun, the insider added: ‘When Katie was on her driving ban, she’d ask Dionne to pick the kids up from school and drive her to the shops.’

Despite ditching the job full of unpleasant tasks after the short four month stint, it has been claimed that the feisty TV personality hasn’t fallen out with her friend over it.

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Katie Price

‘She’s quit, although they’re still on good terms. Good luck to Katie getting a new personal assistant – all her friends are wondering who she’ll get to do it as it’s a very very hard job!’

Dionne has removed ‘PA to KP’ from her Instagram bio, and Pricey’s PR told the publication that that she’s left the mum-of-five’s employment ‘but will still help out occasionally’.

Another source added: ‘She’s got other commitments and has kids, so working full time for Katie isn’t possible.’