Katie Price has revealed that her ex husband Peter Andre phoned her to offer help after she was declared bankrupt.

Katie Price

In an upcoming episode of My Crazy Life, Katie calls her mum Amy to tell her she’s been declared bankrupt – and tells her about her phonecall from Peter.

She asked her mum, “Who do you reckon rang me?”

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She continued, “Pete rang me saying, ‘Hi, I’m really sorry, I have just had a notification and heard the news, I don’t like to see you like this’.”

Katie Price

Discussing her bankruptcy on the Quest Red show, she said, “Over the past year I have been trying to make regular payments.

“The monthly payment thing wasn’t working for me so now today the HMRC are going to declare me bankrupt.

“With Christmas around the corner I need to speak to my mum to clear my head.”

Speaking to her mum, Katie said, “I have just now officially been declared bankrupt. What do you think of it?”

Her mum replied, “I think it’s sad because you tried your hardest to pay people off and you couldn’t do it. I am pleased it’s closure for you really.”

Katie Price

After the phonecall, Katie admitted, “I am gutted because I have worked so hard. It’s a s**t day and a s**t moment.”

Pete, who split from the reality star in 2009 after five years together and four years of marriage, recently said about Katie, “She is the mother of my children so will always wish her nothing but the best.”

It was recently reported that Katie wants to sell two of the three engagement rings that Peter bought her in a bid to solve her money worries.

An insider told The Sun Online, “Katie’s got three engagement rings from Peter – she wants to keep the first one for Princess but the other two ‘upgrades’ she’s willing to sell.

“The first ‘upgrade’ was worth around £150,000 at the time – and the second one cost around £80,000.”