The mum-of-five has caused upset with her latest photos of the eight-year-old


If there’s one celebrity who can get the public riled up simply by posting pictures of her children, it’s Katie Price. It seems as if we can’t have a month pass without eagle-eyed followers airing concern about some of her choices – and it’s happened once again, with her latest photos of daughter Princess.

The mum-of-five shared a few Instagram snaps of herself with Princess and her hubby Kieran Hayler as they spent a lovely Sunday together. And as you can see in the pic above, they’re all looking pretty happy!

However, some have taken issue with Katie’s apparent use of a ‘airbrushing’ app on their faces, including that of eight-year-old Princess.

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‘Why would you airbrush a little girl’s face?’ queried a concerned fan, and another chipped in with: ‘I use filters, but not airbrushing the skin of children they don’t need it.’

And the critics didn’t stop there: in the next picture, posted on Sunday, Kieran plants a kiss onto his step-daughter’s temple while she pouts to the camera:


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It’s a sweet picture, and while many have commented on how much pretty Princess is growing to look like her mum, others have taken issue with her cheeky facial expression.

‘In a pub, face full of makeup, pouting. She’s only a little girl,’ reads an example response.

However, many leapt to Katie’s defence, questioning why so many were looking for faults: one wrote ‘Princess is a beautiful girl…stunning look like her mummy. Why do people feel the need to find fault with the pictures that Katie posts I wonder!’

And the pouting #haters continued their disapproval on another pic of Katie, 38, and her eldest girl:


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‘I like you. I really do but the duck face again… Why??? And now Princess is doing it in all her photos too. You both look ridiculous. Please stop.’

This isn’t the first time Katie’s mother and daughter selfies have caused a bit of a storm – she’s been called out for her fondness of ‘facetuning’ in the past, which gives that wrinkle and blemish-free glow to the snaps.

What do you think? Is Katie wrong for exposing Princess’ to possibly airbrushing and, erm, duck-facing? Or is this all a bit of fuss over some innocent digital fun? Let us know your thoughts @CelebsNow!

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