Jordan lashes out at Alex as their marriage hits rock bottom

With their marriage on the brink of collapse, you’d think Katie Price would at least try to curb her temper on a make or break’ holiday with hubby Alex Reid.

But true to form, the mother of three lashed out at Alex during their biggest row ever and told him she’ll burn his clothes and change the locks to their Sussex mansion because she wants him out of her life for ever’.

Jordan reached breaking point when she got into another furious argument with Alex over him not being attentive enough,’ says a source close to the couple.

She was hysterical and, in the heat of the moment, threatened all sorts, such as burning all his belongings and changing the locks to their house.

‘She kept saying he never pays her any attention, never tells her she’s beautiful, which is obviously not true.

‘She feels she could get the level of attention she craves from another man.

‘She’s so disappointed in her marriage, she can’t bear to look at Alex any more.’

Knowing his marriage is on the rocks after only 11 months, 35-year-old Alex has secretly been stashing money aside in a desperate bid to secure a future for himself.

But Katie, 32, cottoned on to his scheme and hit the roof.

Alex didn’t sign a pre-nup and he’s nearly broke,’ another friend reveals.

He believed they were both in it for the long haul but he soon realised it was coming to an end and knew he had to do something fast.’

In a cunning plan, Alex took a portion of his earnings from his cage fights and reality TV shows as he knew he’d never earn the same amount of money after they split.

Somehow she found out before they went away and she went ballistic,’ the friend tells Now.

She’s been telling everyone he must’ve thought they were heading for divorce a while ago.

‘The way she sees it, she was always splashing her cash on him, so she never thought he’d be secretly stashing money behind her back.’

Read the full story about Katie Price and Alex Reid in Now magazine dated 17 January 2011 – out now!

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