Unfortunately, when we follow the Katie Price diet, our bodies don’t seem to look as good!


Katie Price is famous for many things; gorgeous hair, a past life as a glamour model, perfumes, books, clothing ranges, calendars, big (cough) boobs and an absolutely phenomenal figure.



Is this the best Katie Price has EVER looked?
Yes, KP certainly has the kinda body that we crave although we’re just not willing to give up the sweet treats just yet.

But wait! Maybe we don’t need to. Maybe we don’t actually HAVE to turn down that second tub of salted caramel ice cream with chocolate bits.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday night, 37-year-old Katie shared a photo of her evening indulgences including a box of Cadbury Fingers, a bag of Cadbury Roses Strawberry Dreams, a packet of Kinder Choco Bons, a bag of Quavers crisps AND an empty bag of McCoys crisps.

Next to the pic she wrote:

‘Omg I so have to start being healthy and eat clean that’s it Monday I need wheel power .’

So is THIS the secret to Katie’s incredible physique?

We’re guessing that it’s not, but hey-ho, everyone needs a cheat night every once in a while!

As for the ‘wheel power’, we’re guessing that’s a typo?! Or maybe it’s some sort of super speedy willpower.

Katie also uploaded a photo earlier this month of her epic takeaway night complete with fried chicken, pizza and wine.

Next to it, Ms Price wrote: ‘What a naughty evening me kieran  @clairelouiset78 and Jimmy have had .’

Although mum-of-five Katie definitely likes to indulge, she still seems to maintain a pretty healthy diet and has previously shared amazing photos of her food including delicious-looking salads and fruit.

She’s also a fan of Bootea, a weight loss tea.
All about the balance, we reckon!