The reality star has opened up about Harvey's health


Katie Price has revealed that she has serious fears for her eldest son Harvey, as he now weighs over twenty stone.

‘Harvey’s had to start training. He weighs over 22 stone now. If you look at all of my kids we all eat the same, we’re all the same,’ Katie revealed.

Harvey suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome, as well as being partially blind and autistic, his condition causes learning difficulties and obesity and without keeping his diet and exercise on track, it could only lead to more health problems for the teenager.


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‘He’s got medical problems. And if he doesn’t sort it out he will die, we’ve been told, because of his heart. So at the moment we are really trying to sort out his health,’ Katie admitted to The Sun.

The reality star recently revealed that her boyfriend Kris Boyson, who is a weight loss specialist and personal trainer, was going to be helping Harvey, 16, shed the pounds and stay healthy.

In an Instagram post Katie said: ‘After seeing previous transformations @krisboyson has done , I’m So Excited for Harvey’s new journey starting next week with him between Kris and doctors Kris has produced a tailored weight loss and lifestyle plan personalised for my Baby Harvey.’

Speaking about Kris helping Harvey lose weight, the mum-of-five revealed he was giving him ‘attention’ that ‘nobody’s ever given him’.

‘That’s how I got in touch with Kris because he’s a weight loss specialist, not just a personal trainer. And obviously somebody who’s going to give my son attention like that when nobody’s ever given him
that,’ Katie said.

‘Seeing the smile on his face – course it’s attractive. He’s got the banter. Kieran was a personal trainer before and not once did he try and train Harvey.

‘But for me, if you think about all the men that have come into Harvey’s life, they are there but then as soon as they go they don’t want to know him,’ Katie added to the newspaper.

‘Kris is helping Harvey and of course I like that. He’s just very level headed and I think he’s definitely come into my life at the right time.’