The model revealed the hair-raising truth about how she worked out Kieran was cheating on her

Katie Price isn’t one to mince her words and has been very open about the fact that husband Kieran Hayler had an affair with her best friend Jane Pountney.


Speaking in a video with brand Claireabella, Katie revealed that she now has a deep-seated fear of onesies because she was hosting a onesie party when she found out that he was cheating on her.

Katie Price has a fear of onesies

She said: ‘I have a fear of onesies.

‘It’s because when I had a onesie party that was the night Kieran had sex in the stables with Jane Pountney, my best friend.

‘Do you know what, I knew she was having an affair because she had a really hairy whats-it.

‘But then one time I noticed it was completely bald, and I thought, ‘What’s she doing that for?

‘That was one sign. I thought, ‘Ooh, what’s she doing that for?’ But anyway.’

Never one to beat around the, er, bush, is she? (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)

Katie found out Kieran had also been cheating on with their nanny in September

It’s been a weekend of revelations for the Pricey, who also let us know yesterday that she’d had a massive fake tan fail – because she’d applied it with a sock instead of a tanning mitt.

Taking to Instagram stories, Katie shared her mishap with all her followers – telling the camera: ‘Oh dear my fake tan I put on in the bus with socks as have no glove has gone slightly wrong’.

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And to make this story even better, Katie admitted that she’d had the fake tan mishap on her tour bus.

Never change, Katie, never change.