Gary Bolingbroke used to adore the glamour model

Electrician Gary Bolingbroke says he knows exactly how heartbroken Alex Reid feels as he tries to deal with his very public break up with Katie Price.

Gary met Katie – aka glamour girl Jordan – in a Brighton club when she was 17.

The couple soon moved in together but when the Page 3 model’s glamour modelling career took off and she started to mix with footballers like Teddy Sheringham, their relationship came to an ugly end.

‘When I saw the pictures of Alex looking like a broken man this week, I knew exactly how he felt,’ says Gary, 40.

‘Just like with me, the break-up is going to be bitter, bitchy and public.

‘There’s a long line of us who have been chewed up and spat out by Jordan now.

‘She uses her body and sex appeal like a weapon, thrusting out her boobs and sucking in her waist.’

Katie, 32, confirmed the end of her 11-month marriage to cagefighter Alex Reid last week, branding it a ‘mistake’ and citing his love of the spotlight as the reason for their break-up. 

But Gary says she’s the one who can’t keep out of the public eye.

‘She developed a sort of split personality,’ he tells the Mirror.

Katie Price was the sweet girl I’d met, Jordan became this fame-hungry monster.

‘She’s like a hurricane.

‘She comes into your life and leaves a trail of devastation.

‘Just like Alex, I was left to pick up the pieces.’

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