Katie has caused a very heated debate.

If theres one lady that knows how to handle a lil’ controversy, it’s Katie Price.

And so, surprise surprise, the Pricey is causing heatwaves amongst her social media followers – this time sparking a debate about child safety.

Yup, it’s a heavy one.

The drama had all unravelled yesterday, after the mother-of-five had taken to Instagram to share a video of herself enjoying an early summer cruise in the car with her youngest two Bunny and Jett.

Sharing a video of the two tots having a whale of a time in the open-top car, Katie writes: ‘Jett Bunny in the back of my friends car up the driveway’.

Jett Bunny in the back of my friends car up the driveway đŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ€Ł

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However, whilst it’s implied by Katie that she had only taken the duo for a spin ‘up the driveway’, people have been very quick to call the 40-year-old out for seemingly not putting on 4-year-old Jett’s seatbelt.

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In fact, followers are currently locked in a very heated debate over Katie seemingly not strapping her son in. One user writes, ‘OMG they’re not even strapped in properly. Why would you even post this??!!! (Or do it..)’.

Agreeing, another shares, ‘Shocking that this video has been posted, one child doesn’t have seat belt on properly and looks like the other doesn’t have one on at all, so dangerous, so annoying how many parents put there’s kids at risk doing this’. 

However, others have taken to the post to defend Katie. One user shares, ‘And heeeeeere come the perfect parents! Do you really think @officialkatieprice would put her children at risk?!’.

What do you think? Irresponsible parenting or overreacting followers?

Excited for @thecrystalmazetv on Friday 9pm @channel4 don’t miss the Pricey 😘

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Despite the drama, things appear to be coming on in leaps and bounds in Katie’s private life – having recently gone public with her new relationship.

Speaking to Ok! magazine, Katie had revealed that she had called it a day for the final time with her former man and father of Bunny and Jett, Keiran Hayler, after allegedly cheating on her again.

Now, Katie is moving forward with her new ‘fella, 28-year-old personal trainer Kris Boyson – who Katie seems pretty smitten with.

Let’s hope it’s happily ever after for the Pricey!