Yes, really...


Katie Price is an unstoppable force. Model? Been there. Singer? Done that. TV star? Got the T-shirt. Now the 39-year-old is turning her attention to the big screen, and has already landed a part in a movie…

It was revealed earlier this year mum-of-five Katie had landed a part in the new Sharknado film and now we have the first look at her in action.

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The official trailer was released earlier this week and, despite boasting such glowing reviews as ‘absolutely pointless’ and ‘gloriously idiotic’, it doesn’t disappoint.

In the trailer, former glamour model Katie is seen screaming as a huge hammerhead shark lands at her feet, splattering a nearby man with blood.

We’ve watched this moment on loop and it gets better every time, trust us…

During an episode of her new reality show My Crazy Life Katie opened up about the opportunity to star in a Hollywood film, explaining: ‘It’s like a cult film, I think it’s called Sharknado.

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‘And, from what I’ve been told, sharks fall out of the sky and eat you. I try to save the Prime Minister and his left leg gets bitten off but he makes out as though he’s alright and I’m like, “but your leg’s bitten off”.

‘Next thing you know I’m turning around all smug as though I’ve gotten away with it and I’m eaten by a shark.’

Despite her excitement at being part of the movie, Katie drew the line at one thing: kissing her co-star.

As she’s reading the script, Katie says: ‘What the f***? I’m not “passionate kissing” anyone!’

Oh dear, Katie – that kind of diva behaviour won’t get you very far in Hollywood…