Look how much she's changed!


Katie Price has shared this MAJOR throwback picture and no one can deal with how much she’s changed.

As we all know, the mum-of-five has transformed over the years from glamorous Jordan into the fabulous Katie Price, and nothing exemplifies that point more than this pic.

She wrote: ‘How different am I here’

How different am I here 😋

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The 38-year-old is definitely channeling more Britney Spears in those days and a bit less Loose Women panelist.


Fans have given a mixed response to the picture! While some have praised how she looked back then: ‘Jordan! I had your posters girl’

And another: ‘Well I for one would love a body like that.’

Others have commended the star on how much she’s changed. One wrote: ‘What were you thinking you look loads better now love you on loose women.’

Whereas someone added: ‘How you have grown as a person between then and now’

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Katie recently unveiled the progress of a much more recent transformation as well – the former glamour model documented her surgery last week as she received lip fillers, liposuction and botox, and has managed to come out looking EVEN better.

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She wrote on Instagram: ‘What a great day all about the selfies ahah. My 3D lipo from @macaesthetics botox top up and my lips. It’s not about my boobs today as everyone seems fascinated.’

To be honest, we think she looks fab no matter the time period!

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