We reveal what REALLY went on between Katie Price and Simon Cowell...

After her ex Leandro Penna accused her of having a romantic tryst with Simon Cowell, Katie Price tells us what really happened between the sheets with the music mogul.

The first night: The British Comedy Awards, London, December 2013

11pm…Katie, then 25, and Simon, then 44, are snapped looking close
at the after-party held for the awards at the London Television Studios, where the alcohol flowed. Katie says: ‘We were both at the Comedy Awards and I was single at the time.’


Later that night…Katie reveals that Simon invited her back to his place in Holland Park, admitting: ‘I’d had a lot to drink.’ Oh, the romance.

Even LATER that night…Katie strips off naked and the pair get into bed. There’s no mention of whether Simon is also in the buff, but she does reveal that his bedclothes are ‘all white’ so maybe not? She also gushes over his hairy chest, so we’re assuming he’s popped a few buttons on his nightshirt. Katie says: ‘I got a real sense of being with a man for the first time. He was the oldest person I’d been to bed with.’ You can just smell the aroma of fake tan, hair wax and cigars…

The next morning…Simon calls a car for Katie. Despite their fondle between
the sheets, Katie insists they didn’t have full sex. ‘We had fun, but we didn’t have sex. In my opinion, he definitely isn’t gay.’

Oh, the visuals…So why didn’t they go all the way that night? Katie explains: ‘It was something my mum drummed into me from an early age – if a man really wants you, he’ll wait.’ But she adds that it was obvious Simon didn’t want more. She says: ‘It would have been nice to have a relationship, but I don’t think he ever saw me that way.’ But was that the end of the pair’s alcohol-fuelled nights together?

‘He was the oldest person I had been in bed with’: Katie Price just revealed she DID have a fling with Simon Cowell!

Oh no. Night two has all the workings of a Mills & Boon novel…

The second night: Simon’s £35 million Holland Park mansion, London, 2012

Days before…Katie says she and Simon have been in contact on and off since their 2003 sleepover, but in 2012 they arranged to meet up at his house. She says she believed he was having a party, explaining: ‘I assumed it would be a party with lots of people. He hadn’t given me any reason to think he would want to be alone since the first night we slept together. For that reason I asked to bring a close friend and he agreed. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would just be the three of us…’

7pm that night… Katie and her friend are instructed to wait at Blakes Hotel in South Kensington, where a driver picks them up and takes them to the mansion. ‘We were taken through to the main living room, where Simon was sitting in a big Chesterfield- type chair,’ she recalls. ‘I remember saying to my friend:  ‘‘This is weird. What’s going on?’’’ It quickly dawns on Katie that it will just be the three of them.

Later that night…The trio drink throughout the night, as Katie says a maid plied them with constant vodka. She admits: ‘We didn’t sleep together that night. The more drunk I got, the more I kept getting up to sing. Looking back, it was humiliating. At one point, I felt so ill I threw up in his bathroom.’
She adds: ‘It was all so random. Would he have tried it on if my friend wasn’t there? I don’t know.’ Well, given that you vommed in his loo we’re assuming another night of passion with the Cowell wasn’t on the cards…

6am the FOLLOWING DAY…Simon’s chauffeur drives Katie and her friend back to Blakes Hotel and Katie briefly sleeps off a crippling hangover before returning to her home in Sussex at around breakfast time. Reflecting on their nights together, Katie says: ‘What’s happened in the past with us is always like an unspoken memory. I’ve always sensed he wanted me but he didn’t.’