Katie is keen to start singing again


Katie Price is set to reignite her pop career by singing at funerals – for a whopping £5,000 fee.

Katie Price

A source told the Sun on Sunday: ‘She will happily pop along to a funeral and sing a couple of songs of choice.


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‘If she can put a smile on a few people’s faces, then why not?’

katie price

This isn’t the first time Katie has tried to make it as a pop star.

Back in 2005, she attempted to represent the UK in the Eurovision song contest – and she and her ex-husband, Peter Andre, released an album together in 2006.

Katie currently makes money from personal appearances and magazine and TV deals.

The source continued: ‘Katie has an agreed price list of PAs, TV appearances and magazine shoots.

katie price

‘But she realised she was missing a trick – she could perform at weddings, bar mitzvahs and funerals, too, so now they have been tacked on to her CV.’

And singing at funerals isn’t the only new career move Katie is making.

The mum-of-five has also revealed that she’s training to become a paramedic.

She made the revelation when judging the Porn Idol contest last week, after she was snapped staring at a woman’s private parts for a lengthy amount of time.

katie price

According to The Sun, Katie told the crowd: ‘I’m training to be a paramedic, did you know that?’

‘Before I was a model I was actually training to be a registered nurse. Now I’ve been put on a five-year course, I’ve got four years to go and I’m a trained paramedic.’

She added: ‘So what I’m saying is that I have seen many bits and bobs.’

Good luck with your new career ventures, Kate!