We weren't expecting this from KP...

Katie Price is set to take on a very surprising new career venture following her latest drama.

Katie Price

The 40-year-old has gone through many jobs over the past two decades – including glamour model, telly presenter, pop star and most recently, paramedic…


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But now it looks like mum-of-five KP is setting her sights on something different, as she’s reportedly hoping to become a ‘fitness guru’.

Yup, apparently the TV star has been inspired by the likes of Khloe Kardashian, Gemma Atkinson and Charlotte Crosby who all share updates of their healthy lifestyles with fans.

An insider revealed to The Sun: ‘Katie thinks she’s in need of a career transformation and has seen how celebs hailing from the world of reality TV are now positioning themselves as wellness and fitness experts.

‘She wants a piece of that lucrative pie and thinks she could be the next Khloe Kardashian, Gemma Atkinson or Charlotte Crosby.’

Unfortunately, it looks like not everyone is backing Pricey and her latest idea, as the source added: ‘Considering her financial troubles, legal woes and almost daily trips to McDonalds, they don’t rate her as a celebrity proponent of wellness, which is all about making decisions that will result in a healthy and fulfilling life.’

One person will be happy with KP vowing to make positive changes to her life, and that’s her personal trainer boyfriend Kris Boyson.

The 30-year-old has previously been pushing his girlfriend to get fit after she admitted to putting on weight over the last few months.

During an episode of My Crazy Life, Kris was seen cooking dinner in his underwear, before explaining the reason he ditched his clothes.

‘The idea is you won’t eat as much if you eat with no clothes on,’ he explained as he stired the couple’s food in his tight white pants.

Pricey then replied: ‘Well I’m lucky that the kids aren’t about,’ before stripping down to her own lingerie to sit down to eat.