Katie Price has no regrets about getting the cage fighter out of her life


Katie Price is one of showbiz’s survivors.

During her 17-year career she’s gained a reputation for being straight-talking and no-nonsense.

But it’s a different Katie who greets us today for our exclusive interview in London‘s hip Soho Sanctum Hotel.

When we enter her plush suite she’s cosied up on a sofa, make-up free, with a smile on her face and gorgeous two-month-old baby Jett sleeping silently in her lap.

She looks soft and naturally very pretty, and far younger than any 35-year-old deserves to.

Her tan and hair are toned down, her famous cat-shaped green eyes are friendlier without the fierce eyeliner and false lashes, and her slight frame – casually dressed in leopard-print trousers and a long-sleeved black T-shirt – makes her appear more fragile than the larger-than-life caricature we’re used to seeing in the papers.

As we begin the interview, it becomes clear that it’s not just Katie‘s appearance that’s been stripped back.

There’s a definite change in her demeanour, and we soon begin to see the vulnerable side she usually reserves for trusted friends and family.

As she chats about her latest explosive autobiography, Love, Lipstick And Lies, she’s animated and funny, soon spilling the sort of secrets only a best mate would reveal.

But of course it’s not all gossip and laughs.

Get her on the subject of anyone she thinks has stitched her up and feisty Katie soon rears her head, reminding us exactly why no one messes with the hugely successful businesswoman.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve got a good headline for you about Alex Reid, she tells us, taking a deep breath.

‘He’s a desperate, skint, dirty scumbag.

‘When we split, I said to Alex I’d enter an agreement that neither of us would speak about the other, but he refused.’

Love, Lipstick And Lies by Katie Price is out now (£18, Century)

Read the full interview with Katie Price in this week’s Now magazine dated 4 November 2013 – download the digital edition now

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