Jordan insists her tanning routine helps keep the years at bay

You don’t need to be a genius to know that regularly spending time under a sunbed is really, really bad for your skin.

But it seems that expert warnings against such methods have gone completely over Katie Price’s head as she tells Now that sunbeds actually work wonders for her skin.

In an interview to promote her latest fragrance Precious Love, Katie, 32, who’s tried every surgical and non-surgical treatment known to man, tells us: The funny thing is, I find that the more sunbed treatments I have, the better my skin is.

‘I know that’s probably the wrong answer but whether it’s right or wrong, it works for me.’

Hmm…! Either she’s telling us porkies or she’s just an attention seeker.

Now can also reveal that after seeing the recent photos of the usually fresh-faced Caprice looking strangely wrinkly, Katie’s started to freak out about how she’s going to look in the future.

A pal close to the star says: She’s worried about having a Caprice-esque face and becoming even more of a laughing stock.

‘She’s gone from treating her skin badly to spending thousands on it. She’s obsessed with rolling back the years.’

Thankfully Jordan does admit that she prevents her skin looking like an old boot by moisturising at every waking moment.

She adds: I always remember to use product and I’m obsessed with having soft lips. I hate having
dry lips – there’s nothing worse.’

Yeah, that’ll work Jord, leathery face with a silky-smooth pout…

See the latest close-up photos of Katie Price and Caprice in Now magazine dated 29 November 2010 – out now!

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