Mum-of-four doesn't like her body when she's expecting


Katie Price feels far from glowing during pregnancy.

The model, who’s expecting her fifth child with husband Kieran Hayler, doesn’t think women look their best when they’re expecting.

‘There’s absolutely nothing good about being pregnant,’ says Katie, 36.

‘Nothing. It’s gross. There’s nothing attractive about a pregnant woman – I don’t care what anyone says.

‘It’s disgusting. I look like I’ve got orangutans [points at boobs] and a big f*cking bump in the middle!

‘I don’t think you can [look good]! You just have to get on with it.’

Katie will be glad when the baby has arrived and her body can return to normal.

‘I’m looking forward to not being pregnant so I can lie in the bath and not have to float,’ admits the mum-of-four.

‘I just don’t like being pregnant. Some women love it, some women hate it, it’s each person’s preference, isn’t it?’

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