Katie Price and Harvey are the cutest mother/son duo out there!


Remember when back in you school days, finding out what role you were going to play in your school play was a massive deal? (We’re still not over Shannon getting the part of Mary over us for the school nativity)

Well, it’s time for Katie Price‘s son Harvey to tread the boards as he becomes a pirate for a play – Arggghh!

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And we’ve got to say, he’s doing a pretty good job of being a pirate already – watch your back Jack Sparrow!

Check out his video posted by mum Katie, here.

In the Instagram video she shared, 37-year-old Katie asked if Harvey has to be a pirate tomorrow, to which he replies with ‘Yes’, because getting into his character and going ‘Arrrrr!’

Katie’s in fits of giggles and asks: ‘You funny?’ to which Harvey replies with saying ‘YEP’. Well dur! Of course he is, mum!

With Katie recently announcing that she’ll be making her pants debut as the wicked fairy from Sleeping Beauty this year, it seems that amateur dramatics could runs thorough this family.

When’s the next part of Pirates of the Caribbean coming out then? We think there’s a role with Harvey’s name all over it!

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