Jordan says she's coming after all those who send offensive Tweets about her disabled son

Katie Price always says ‘don’t underestimate the Pricey.’

That message is clear for those who target her son Harvey, 10, who suffers from septo optic dysplasia and Prader-Willi syndrome, on Twitter.

Yesterday, it emerged that MP’s son Ian Lavery Jnr had called Harvey a vegetable in a Tweet he sent to his followers.

‘Harvey has been the victim of these pathetic bullies who hide in the shadows of Twitter for months,’ Katie, 34, reveals.

‘The thing that is most shocking of all is that these jokes about Harvey aren’t controversial at all any more because they’re two-a-penny.

‘Lavery is laughable but hate crimes against my son are not.’

She tells The Sun she intends to take action against anyone writing rude comments about Harvey, whose father is footballer Dwight Yorke.

‘Take it from me Twitter trolls, I’m watching you all,’ she says. ‘Just because I haven’t replied to you, it doesn’t mean that me and my lawyers haven’t taken note of who you are.

‘You can hide behind your Tweets… but you can’t run from me.’

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