She hatches a plan to keep the notorious womaniser faithful


She kept the world guessing for days, but last week Katy Perry appeared 
to confirm that she and fiancé Russell Brand are trying for a baby.

After a week of ‘is she or isn’t she?’ speculation, Katy used her Twitter page to say ‘Better luck next month, peepz’, a surefire way of telling the world that while she’s not pregnant yet, she means business and hopes to conceive soon.

The whirlwind love affair between the quirky pair 
has continued to move at breakneck pace, despite Katy, 25, only meeting Russell three months ago.

After the pair were spotted shopping in children’s clothes shop Cubs in London last week, Katy Tweeted Russell, 34, 
to say ‘I heard ur prego-ed.’

That caused speculation 
to reach fever pitch, but friends say the real reason Katy wants a baby is to keep self-confessed sex addict Russell on 
the straight and narrow.

‘She’s conscious that his previous record of being faithful to a woman is only three months!’ 
a friend tells Now.

It doesn’t help that one 
of Russell‘s exes, Christy Peterson, claimed he talked of cheating as an ‘urge’ he felt compelled to satisfy.

She said: ‘Russell told me he loved me, but he needed to have other women to remain sane.’

During that period of 
his life, Russell bragged 
in an interview that he would get through 80 women in a month, including prostitutes on some occasions, although he’s always said that what he really wants 
is to find ‘the one’.

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