She sung about kissing a girl, and now it looks like Katy Perry‘s fantasies have come true.

Well, we say fantasies, although this looks more like the kind of nightmare you’d experience around chucking out time at your local Wetherspoons.

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Between songs at the Rock in Rio festival, Katy invited a fan onto the stage – and got a little more than she bargained for. The woman, who appears to be inebriated, started getting a little too close to the star, leading Katy to shout: ‘She’s kissing my neck!’ in shock.

Watch the video below:

‘I think she’s rolling,’ Katy added, as the fan showed no signs of calming down her grope-athon. We think she was referring to the lady’s apparently drunken state – although she isn’t shown consuming any alcohol in the video.

Enthusiastic fans are one thing, but Katy’s shrieks as the girl continued to attempt to cuddle her showed that she was more than a little uncomfortable with this die-hard Katy lover’s advances.

One thing’s for sure, though – the fan was definitely enjoying the concert!