Katy Perry holds the cards as she gets closer to her mum-in-law

Theyr’e loved-up newlyweds but if Katy Perryand Russell Brand do up having a bit of a barney, Russell might find himself coming up against not one, but two rampaging women.

Turns out Katy Perry’s a bit of a dream daughter-in-law as far as Russell’s mum Barbara Brand’s concerned and the women have struck up such a close friendship that they speak on the phone – wait for it – every day.

Katy, 26, who calls Barbara ‘mum’, reveals she’s been given tips on handling Russell, 35, so he’d better watch out…

Barbara has seen Russell in his darkest days, so she knows better than anyone how much he’s changed,’ Katy tells Now exclusively.

Russell’s a devoted husband but if he steps out of line Barbara and I are really close, so she might even take my side.’

Katy and Barbara, from Essex, see each other as often as they can and ever since Katy revealed she’s going to apply to be a British citizen, Barbara, 64, has taken it on herself to introduce Katy to the British way of life.

No doubt Katie’s best gift to Barbara would be to make her a grandma, but we’re not sure they’re on the same page as Russell.

‘He wants 11 boys named after the West Ham team,’ says Katy.

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