The Katy Perry and Taylor Swift feud is the biggest showbiz fight that we rarely talk about… until someone throws some serious shade. Like KP here, who’s released a new perfume called ‘Mad Love’. Eeek!

The whole argument began with Tay-Tay claimed that a certain unnamed popstar ‘stole’ dancers from her tour – and then she released Bad Blood, which we’ve all pretty much guessed is about the Roar singer.

Now in return it looks like she’s pinched a lyric to the shady song for her own lyric – the second line of the chorus is ‘You know it used to be mad love.’

While Mad Love is supposed to be a spinoff of her 2015 version called Mad Potion, it’s not a stretch to assume this was targeted shade.

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Other ways KP throws shade…


Opening up about the feud, Taylor Swift told Rolling Stone in 2014: ‘For years I was never sure if we were friends or not… I would think, “Are we friends, or did she just give me the harshest insult of my life?”’ Before the, ahem, mystery other star seemed to cross a line last year:

‘She did something so horrible, I was like “Oh, we’re just straight-up enemies.” And it wasn’t even about a guy.’

You could say that they have… bad blood.

Both stars have sent equally cryptic messages on social media, especially KP’s very poignant: ‘Watch out for the Regina George in sheep’s clothing.’

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Then Taylor made the epic song ‘Bad Blood’ with her entire gang in the music video, and she later cleared up that the whole thing was about a ‘lost friendship.’

But now it’s Katy Perry’s turn to hit back in their weird, multi-media war, probably, with this probably shady, shady piece of marketing.