Actress doesn't plan things

Keira Knightley was excited by the prospect of marriage when hubby James Righton popped the question.

The pretty actress tied the knot with Klaxons keyboardist James, 30, in France last year after deciding to get hitched in quite a laidback fashion.

‘When James proposed I just thought, “Well, I’ve never done that before,”‘ says Keira, 29.

‘It seemed like a fun thing to do.’

Keira appears to be equally relaxed about her career as she doesn’t worry too much about what she’ll do in the future.

‘At the moment, I love what I do for a living,’ the Begin Again star tells The Ticket.

‘There are downsides to every job but as long as I love making films then the drawbacks are worth it.

‘If the time comes when I don’t love making films then the downsides won’t be worth it and I’ll stop and do something else.’

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