Actress hates being pictured on the red carpet

Keira Knightley has revealed that she hates being photographed.

The actress reckons she loses a bit of herself when she’s snapped on the red carpet.

‘I’m not comfortable having to be myself, or being photographed as myself,’ she says. ‘Australian Aborigines say that with every photograph taken, a piece of your soul goes with it. And there are some days when I kind of believe that.’

Keira, 22, says she pretends to be someone else to get through the ordeal.

‘For the Oscars [last year] I was an elegant Edwardian society woman from a painting by John Singer Sargent,’ she tells the Daily Express.

‘For the Venice Film Festival I was Sophia Loren. For the premiere of Atonement I was someone else again, but I won’t say who as it’s embarrassing. It’s my way of getting through.’

Keira didn’t attend Sunday’s Oscar ceremony after failing to be nominated this year.

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