Star wants to take some time out

She may only be 21, but Keira Knightley reckons she needs to take a break from acting.

‘It’s my instinct to think I have to say yes or there won’t be another job,’ she says. ‘But I’ve been working on films back-to-back for the past few years and I need a rest.

‘If that means I have to go to the back of the queue as far as acting is concerned, then I just have to accept that.’

The actress says she’s also fed up with the constant scrutiny of her looks.

‘I’ve had make-up artists who’ve told me they need to shade the top of my nose so it won’t look so broken,’ she reveals. ‘I also got rejected for a job once because someone said I had a funny mouth.

‘They are all things you start to focus on. You start off thinking you’re OK, then you have to go to some event and you remember you have a weird mouth, a broken nose and horrible legs.’

Sounds to us like you definitely need a holiday, Keira.