Sugababes singer enjoys a sleazy night out

Since Amelle Berrabah became a Sugababe, Keisha Buchanan has had a fun new hobby – visiting strip clubs.

The two singers, who are huge pals, recently enjoyed an evening cabaret of thrusting, tassels and wobbly bare flesh in Scotland together.

‘We visited a club in Glasgow and we should be doing another one soon,’ says Keisha, 22. ‘Us and a couple of friends.’

Heidi, who’s engaged to TV presenter Dave Berry, decided not to join her bandmates.

‘Heidi was too shy to go,’ Keisha tells the Manchester Evening News.

‘She was like, “Are you having a laugh?” She didn’t get it.

‘By the end of it, we’d had so much to drink that we went to the backstage area and the strippers were teaching us how to go down a pole.’

Timishka Williams