Sugababe insists there’s no ill will between her and former bandmate

Keisha Buchanan says gossip that she and former Sugababe Mutya Buena can’t stand one another are rubbish.

In-band quarrels between the two were rumoured to have led to 22-year-old Mutya’s departure from the group in December 2005.

But Keisha, 22, says that’s not so.

‘Those rumours were only rumours,’ she tells the Daily Record.

The singer showed her support for Mutya, who she’s been friends with since they were both at primary school, by turning up to see her perform at the recent MOBO awards.

‘It’s important to celebrate different types of music,’ Keisha insists.

‘Mutya is like my flesh and blood. Sisters who love one another.’

Timishka Williams