Possibly the best thing you'll ever witness.

The best things in life are, more often than not, combinations of two very nice things.

E.g: Ant and Dec, wine and cheese, Sunday’s and lie-ins. You get the general gist.

A combination that might have not have *originally* sprung to mind (but makes absolute perfect sense) is Keith Lemon and Gogglebox. We love Keith. We love Gogglebox. Combined? BEST. THING. EVER.

Also chuck in the lovely Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton and it’s a recipe for darn success.



Let’s do some comparisons, shall we folks… So this is Keith and Holly Willoughby as the lovely Steph and Dom:
Keith Lemon does Gogglebox

And this is the actual Steph and Dom… pretty spot on, right?!


And then we have Stephen and Chris

Keith Lemon Gogglebox


And real life Stephen and Chris:



And finally, we have Keith Lemon and Fearne Cotton as Leon and June:

Keith Lemon does Gogglebox 2

And real life Leon and June:


Honestly, if this is for an episode of Celebrity Juice we are going to 500% DIE.

Alice Perry/@AlicePerrr