Keith will splash out on plastic surgery vouchers

Keith Lemon has his Christmas present for his girlfriend all sorted.

The Celebrity Juice host, 28-ish, is helping Rosie Parker get surgically enhanced.

‘We went to see a plastic surgeon about breast implants,’ he tell us.

‘She said: “Do you think I should get them?”

‘I told Rosie: “They’re your boobs, it’s up to you.” I’ll probably get her some vouchers.’

Celebrity Juice co-stars Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby won’t be getting any gifts, though.

‘We buy birthday presents for each other but not Christmas presents – we don’t see each other over Christmas,’ Keith explains.

‘I usually send ’em flowers or buy them a beauty treatment.

‘Fearne buys me lovely things. She bought me a posh iPad case recently and art equipment because I do a lot of drawing.’

Read the full interview with Keith Lemon in Now magazine dated 20 December 2012 – out now! 


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