From predicting babies to the perfect date, Keith Lemon shows his saucy self


As the host of two of the most bang tidy shows on the box right now, it’s time to catch up with Through The Keyhole and Celebrity Juice’s Keith Lemon, 42, aka Leigh Francis. And he can’t wait to spill all on Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton’s baby secrets (‘what happens is, one of them gives birth, brings the baby on set, then the other gets broody’), snooping round Royal residences and his dream dates.

What’s been the best Celebrity Juice moment so far?

In January when we won a National Television Award for Best Multichannel! This was always just a little show and it’s spiralled into something a lot bigger. We have such a good time it’s not really like we’re working.

Do you ever get sick of Holly and Fearne constantly missing shows because they’re pregnant?

Actually, yeah I do, cos I miss them. I don’t think they’ll be having any more, though. Fearne was planning two and I don’t think Holly’s going to be having any more. I hope. But I know what’ll happen – Fearne will bring the new baby on set once she’s given birth and then Holly will get broody again and go have another. It’s like a chain.

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Was Fearne angry with you for announcing she was pregnant at the NTAs in January?

No, I don’t think she even knew she was pregnant at the time! When I arrived on the red carpet I thought I’d just make up a big elaborate lie to tell people for fun, so I said neither of the girls was there because one of them was pregnant – and then it turned out Fearne was.

It’s like you predicted it!

Well, I was going to say Holly’s pregnant with Fearne’s child – because Fearne’s got a dick hasn’t she? And then say that they’ve both fallen madly in love and will get together for the baby… but I didn’t have enough time.

Who’d be your dream guest to have on Celebrity Juice?

I did Tweet Kylie Minogue asking her to come on, and she said she’d think about it. But she hasn’t got back in touch. I’d love Khloé Kardashian. She’s the funniest from the family, with the most chat. There’s a lot of lady to handle there, too, with them long legs. I like little spinners like that.

Have you ever thought about getting a Royal on the show?

I’d love to – if the Queen looked like Liz Hurley in that The Royals programme she did recently. Then again, if the Queen did look like Liz you’d be able to sell her Christmas speech on DVD.

Through The Keyhole’s back, too. Would you like to root around Buckingham Palace?

It’d be amazing to go round and see the Queen’s gaff, wouldn’t it? I like the idea that she’s still into sex – age ain’t nothing but a number. Her favourite number might even be 69. Do you think she’s got a sex room?

Erm, can’t say we’ve ever thought about it…

A Royal sex room! It’s a nice idea [laughs]. She’s a very mature lady. Her knickers would be like big parachutes. I’m not really a royalist though, so I don’t take much notice. I wonder how many tellies they have? It makes us quite exotic, having a Royal family in this country.

You constantly get a lot of female attention. Do you see yourself as a sex symbol?

Yeah, I always see myself as a sex symbol. A fan once put her finger up my bum and that’s why I won’t do corporate gigs any more. My arse is like a deposit box. It drops things off but nothing goes in.

Are you dating anyone at the moment?

I’m seeing a French girl at the minute who’s living with me – she can’t tell what I’m saying and I can’t tell what she’s saying, so it’s all good so far.

Does she ever get jealous of all your female fans?

I’m a one-woman man, but it is hard, especially in my job. You get so many women throwing themselves at you. You don’t want to break their hearts and not put your penis inside of them.

What would be your idea of a perfect date?

Have sex, clean it off with a flannel, then watch The Kardashians.

Sounds, er, very romantic…

I’m quite an old-fashioned lover. I’m not into any of this kinky stuff. I’m not into back doors either because I always feel like a bad person. I tell girls not to give out too many blow jobs because you’ve got to keep them special for your partner. ‘Don’t shower me with your blow jobs,’ I say. ‘Just give me one occasionally.’

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