Kellie Maloney's ex wife has spoken out on how they can't 'move forward'

After opening up about the breakdown of her marriage in our exclusive interview in this week’s Now magazine, Kellie Maloney’s ex-wife Tracey has now spoken out.

The 61-year-old transgender boxing promoter first admitted to us: ‘we were still together when I told her [about my transition]. We’d been going through a rough patch becaue of my gender issues and telling her was the start of the breakdown of our marriage

‘We’re still very close though, I’d say we’re soul mates.’

And despite their 20-year marriage ending in 2013, Tracey has now revealed these feelings are stopping them ‘moving forwards.’

‘I have been with my [new] partner for two-and-a-bit years but there has been no introduction. Not for lack of want on our part – Kellie is not ready yet,’ Tracey told The Mirror.

Although their marriage came to an end several years ago, Tracey also explained just how close she still is to her former husband.

‘Kellie rings me five or six times a day, so he puts up with a lot,’ She admitted. ‘I don’t think I’d suffer that the other way around.’

While breaking down in tears, Kellie then admitted during their joint newspaper interview: ‘There’s a big part of me still in love with Tracey. A big part of me accepts we can’t be in love, not like that, but in a way I am, although common sense tells me it can never work.’

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