Do you think Kelly Brook is right about Photoshop?


Uh oh! Looks like Kelly Brook made a bit of a blunder, after she managed to post both an unedited of herself in a tight sparkly dress alongside a SERIOUSLY Photoshopped version on her Instagram. What was she thinking?

Kelly posted the photos in question yesterday, which were taken at a party she hosted to celebrate the launch of a new branch of restaurant chain Ping Pong. The famously-curvaceous star came under fire from her eage-eyed followers, with one asking: ‘Why Photoshop a photo of you on the same night wearing the same dress? You are beautiful as you are.’


Responding to the accusations from her fans, the star posted a photo of herself flanting a tiny waist, along with a lengthy caption which reads: ‘Depending on camera angles and clothes my size comes into question a lot. The pictures I post are not unrealistic to who I am. I embrace my curves and love my body. Slightly Photoshopping pics is no differenet to women wearing fake hair, putting chicken fillets in their bras, squeezing into Spanx or having filler and Botox in their face. None of which I do.

In a further attempt to justify her Photoshopping habits, she added: ‘We all want to look our best in pics. So let’s all focus on the positive and be nice to each other. Having your waist smaller makes your curves bigger!!! I love that and that’s the look I aspire to. Natural and curvy.’

What do you think? Do you agree with Kelly’s approach to Photoshopping, or do you prefer the unedited natural look? Tweet us @NowMag to let us know your thoughts!

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter