After suffering heartbreaking miscarriages, the model opens up in a brave interview

‘I’ve sat down and asked 
myself: “Do I really want 
to have children? Is it 
something I really want to do?” And I’ve realised that actually 
it’s not something I’ve always wanted and I’m fine with it.’

Kelly Brook’s refreshingly honest confession comes after suffering heartbreaking miscarriages that have forced her to consider life without having her own children.

It’s not the first time the model has broken her silence on this subject.

Last year, the Loose Women panellist spoke about losing a baby girl back in 2011 with her partner at the time, rugby player Thom Evans.


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‘When I was 30, I got pregnant. I felt I wasn’t ready, but it was an amazing opportunity. I hadn’t planned to get pregnant, then 
I had a miscarriage later down the line,’ she said.

‘I just feel if 
I’d known in my 20s how difficult 
it was going to be to be having children in my 30s, I would have made different choices.’

Now, eight years on, Kelly admits it is ‘sad’ that her and her partner of four years, Jeremy Parisi may never have a baby 
of their own.

But she says she has found other ways to make herself happy.

Kelly Brook

‘Obviously I wish it hadn’t gone that way. But there’s life after that, and I have found happiness in other things, like gardening,’ she explained.

‘I’m a natural nurturer, and that was my therapy. I can’t control a miscarriage –
it’s something completely 
out of my control.’

Despite being sure of 
her choice, even joking: 
‘I can barely get myself 
out the front door, let alone go and do the school run,’ Kelly says she often feels judged by society for not having children.

She added: ‘I think there’s 
a stigma attached, and it can be really unkind. It’s not anyone’s business how you live your life.’ We couldn’t agree more!