Star reveals the secret to her perfect body

Kelly Brook says lots of exercise in the bedroom helps her stay in shape.

The British actress – who is engaged to Billy Zane – has urged women to have regular romps if they want to get toned.

‘Have more sex!’ she advises. ‘It certainly keeps me fit and healthy.’

The 27-year-old says she eats whatever she wants and never visits the gym.

‘I like the way the French eat, they have the tastiest food,’ she says. ‘But they only have a couple of bites of rich things like foie gras and that will be it.

‘I keep toned with regular Pilates sessions, dance classes and volleyball on the beach near my Los Angeles home.’

Although Kelly’s curves are admired by legions of men, she does have some hang-ups about herself.

‘I hate my hands,’ she admits. ‘I’ve got silly short little thumbs and they’re just not nice. I haven’t got brilliant skin either. I come out in spots the whole time.’

Our hearts bleed for you, Kelly.