See how Kelly's shape has changed over the years


Kelly Brook might be famed for her shapely hourglass figure but her body has actually changed a lot over the years.

Kelly Brook

From the early days of her modelling career in the late 1990s to her move to America as an actress in the 2010s, 39-year-old Kelly has endured a lot in the public eye and her shape has also been through many ups and downs.

Our gallery takes a look at how Kelly’s famous body has transformed through time.

As our first picture shows, Kelly Brook begins her career as a young model. In June 1997 she bravely strips down to her Playtex undies for a promotional event at London’s busy Waterloo station. She looks very slim in her white bra and knickers but she’s also got some stunning curves going on.

Kelly becomes more well-known in the years that follow and memorably grabs the headlines in 2000 for flashing her bum in a revealing dress at the London premiere of the film Snatch. It’s clear that the young star is already comfortable with her figure.

Kelly Brook

As time goes by Kelly starts to become even curvier. She appears particularly shapely in 2004 but then showcases an enviably small waist the following year.

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Her figure fluctuates over the years but thankfully she never loses her famous curves. In the 2010s Kelly looks more voluptuous than ever and later reveals that she’d actually gained weight in the hope of becoming a mum.

‘I wanted to be healthier,’ she says. ‘I wanted to be a bit chubbier because I want to have a baby at some point.’

Recently, Kelly revealed she had piled on two stone after gorging on pies, chips and Guinness. 

However, she now slimmed down to a size 12 after cutting her portion sizes. Kelly confessed: ‘I was the last to realise I’d put on weight. I wasn’t in denial because I felt all right. But I’d got up to a 14/16 dress size, my boobs were too big and my back was hurting.’

She added: ‘Since I’ve been doing SlimFast, I just have smaller portions and lots of veg. I don’t deprive myself of anything.’

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