Ozzy's girl wants to make him proud

Kelly Osbourne wants to be a huge success now she’s on the West End stage in Chicago. She’s determined to show she’s got what it takes.

‘It’s my chance to prove that I’m not this fat, talentless, rude brat,’ she says.

‘Yeah, I am Ozzy and Sharon’s daughter and I’m f***ing proud of that. But I’m also someone else. I do have talent and I can achieve things on my own.’

Apart from silencing her critics, 22-year-old Kelly’s main aim is to make her dad proud.

‘Me appearing in the West End has really got to my dad,’ she tells the Daily Mirror. ‘He can hardly talk about it because he gets choked up.

‘He’s the one I want to make proud. I want him to be happy.’

Suzannah Ramsdale