After months of nursing a broken heart, Kelly's looking for a new man

When her model fiancé Luke Worrall was rumoured to have cheated in July, Kelly Osbourne told the world she was devastated.

And just a few weeks ago she said she still wasn’t over it. But Now is happy to reveal that Kelly, 26, is finally ready to date again.

‘I’m sure a part of her is still mourning the break-up,’ says a source close to the star.

‘But she knows the best way to move on is to get dating again. Actually, that was her mother’s advice to her.’

We should have known Sharon, 58, had something to do with it!

‘She told Kelly it’s time to stop moping about her love life and get busy loving again,’ says the insider. ‘Kelly took her words to heart.’

We’re sure that Kelly, who’s lost 3st and had £8 million worth of work offers since taking part
on Dancing With The Stars last year, won’t have any trouble at all finding a man.

‘She’s told pals she’d like to go on a date soon and is apparently even open to blind dates,’ says the source. ‘I think she realises it’s really over with Luke.

‘The rules are: “If he’s fun, single and not a nut case, set me up!”‘

Kelly, who’s spoken about how hard it is to find a bloke in Hollywood, may be looking closer to home for her next boyfriend.

‘I don’t know if I have a type,’ she says. ‘I’m attracted to genuineness and confidence but with a sense of humour.’

See the full story about Kelly Osbourne in Now magazine dated 15 November 2010 – out now!

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