TV presenter tells of her years of torment

Kelly Osbourne has revealed shocking details about the drug addiction she developed as a teenager as a way to deal with her low self-esteem.

The TV presenter was already hooked on narcotics at the age of 16 and claims that at her lowest point, she swallowed 100 pills a day.

‘All the voices in my head that were telling me that I was worthless, that I was fat, that I’ll always just be someone’s daughter and never make anything for myself…all these things in my head, as soon as I took this pill, just silenced,’ she explained on US show 20/20 Hollywood High.

‘I didn’t like the person I was, so I took drugs.’

Kelly, 23, who is now clean after 3 stints in rehab, says the wake up call was when her mum Sharon, 55, had to punch her to stop her from falling into a drug-induced coma.

‘I remember one night being woken up by my mom punching me in the back so that I started breathing again in bed, and I had pissed myself in my sleep,’ she recalls.

‘I’m sorry, but at 20 years old, to wake up by your mother trying to resuscitate you in a bed of your own piss, that is mortifying.’

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