Kelly Osbourne isn't shy about her thoughts on former Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins appears to enjoy upsetting people, but she might not have expected the attack she received from Kelly Osbourne this morning.

Kelly took to Twitter to share exactly what she thought of outspoken Katie.

‘@KTHopkins I know that what I am about to say is unbecoming of a lady & Im sorry to say this but I can’t lie you are a massive #C*NT,’ she posted.

‘actually made my night that @KTHopkins considerers herself a lady when I think of her a desperate sad old bitter child is what comes to mind.’

Kelly lost her temper after Katie quipped that ‘tears came out from behind’ plastic-surgery loving Sharon Osbourne ears on The X Factor and claimed Kelly‘s own showbiz career had only taken off because of famous dad Ozzy.

‘@KTHopkins just like you can’t help the parents you came from neither can I! I don’t see you on a @Forbes list I work my bum off nice try…’ fumed the 29-year-old.

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