Thin sells - just ask slimline Kelly Osbourne, who's earned a fortune

Kelly Osbourne said she took more hell for being fat than being a drug addict, but her skinny and sober reinvention is complete and now she’s coining it in.

Sources close to the 26-year-old say losing 3st earlier this year has earned her over £8 million in new work and offers.

With a primetime slot on US channel E!’s Fashion Police and her first movie Should’ve Been Romeo due out next year, friends have told Now the offers are coming in thick and fast.

‘Everything Kelly touches turns to gold,’ reveals a close pal.

‘She’s been inundated with movie scripts, offered her own fashion line, is in talks about voicing an animation and there are networks who want her for a chat show, possibly with her mum Sharon.’

Since she first hit our screens in 2002 on The Osbournes, the outspoken A-lister has gone from trying to keep Amy Winehouse out of rehab to partying with Kim Kardashian.

But insiders say Kelly’s been smart with her money and the new offers may double her £10 million fortune.

Sharon has such a great business head and she’s always advised Kelly to invest what she earns,’ says the friend.

Kelly’s got property and investments worth millions already. She’s always been a hard worker, but since she lost weight she’s been working twice as hard.

‘Her dad’s testament to the fact that you can be in or out of favour from one minute to the next, so she’s determined to make hay while the sun shines and earn and invest as much as she can.’

Drinks are officially on you, then, Kel!

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