Sharon's daughter says her mum goes rigid

Kelly Osbourne reckons her mum Sharon is far too keen on Botox.

The X Factor judge proudly amits she’s had everything nipped and tucked but Kelly reckons she should hold fire on the injections of Botulinum Toxin Type A.

‘My mum sometimes goes way over the top on the Botox,’ Kelly tells the Daily Mirror.

‘My aunties were over for dinner once and we were sat round waiting for Mum.

‘When she came in I had to stuff a napkin in my mouth ‘cos I was going to die laughing. Mum’s face was rigid – like she’d just seen a ghost.’

Sharon’s features were so stiff, she could barely speak.

‘She was going: “It’ll go down in a few days”,’ recalls Kelly, 22.

‘Elton had to give her the number of a doctor who could take it all back out again.’

But her mum’s experiences haven’t put Kelly going under the knife herself.

‘When I get saggy I’ll get it all lifted,’ she predicts.

Holly Arnold