'Kendall Jenner is just gross'

A furious fan has slammed Kendall Jenner after she was spotted walking her pooch Pyro with a prong collar.

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The US supermodel was photographed stepping out for a walk with her pet Doberman, using a collar that is said to pinch and cause ‘pain and discomfort’ when dogs tug on a leash.

After seeing the dog walking snaps, one angry animal lover took to social media to hit back at reality star Kendall, accusing her of shortening her dogs tail and adjusting his ears with rods.

Kendall Jenner is just gross. Cutting your dogs tail, sticking rods in its ears, training it with devices that cause pain.

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Refering to edgy images of the pup on Kendall’s 121 million strong Instagram account, the raging Tweeter added, ‘All so she can get a cool pic for her Instagram, not to mention she’s had about 5 different dogs. Whatever looks aesthetically good with her feed. Gross.’

Stressing their anti attitudes to the use of prong collars, another added, ‘Prong collars actually do cause pain to the dog for all of you saying they don’t! Prong collars should be the last resort used to train your dog!

Whoever thinks this is an acceptable way to train a dog, are sickening. Also if they was born with a full tail leave it, if they was born with floppy ears then don’t go cropping them for them to stand up,’ declared a third.

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Lots of social users were quick to defend Kendall, though. Many insisted that the pinching collars are harmless to dogs when used in the right way.

Prong collars are safe and don’t cause any pain to your dog if you use them properly !! They give the dog an uncomfortable tightness for only a second when you pull at them. They’re used for training purposes so that dogs can be harmlessly punished for misbehaving,’ wrote one.

Prong collars aren’t painful for dogs and are a great way to train. It applies even pressure the dogs entire neck, rather than pressure to only the trachea like a regular collar when pulled. It much safer for the dog and is a very effective way to train. They just look scary,’ reasoned another.