Ever wonder what Kendall Jenner does on a regular day? When she gets up? How often she works out? What she eats? We've got you covered!

We’ve put together the ULTIMATE day in the life of Kendall Jenner.

Talking to Harpers Bazaar, Kendall revealed that rises and shines at 6.30am. Ew.

Calling herself an ‘early bird’ she explains, ‘I like getting up early and feeling really productive before lunch.’

‘The first thing I do is check my phone. Instagram is my favorite app. I don’t post too often, but sometimes I’ll go through my albums and find some really good throwbacks.’

Between 7am and 8am, it’s all about working out for this supermodel. She says, ‘I prefer to work out in the morning. To stay toned, I do a lot of ab work with my trainer, Gunnar Peterson, and occasionally I’ll take a kickboxing class.’

So what is the Kendall Jenner diet?

‘I typically eat lean chicken and brown rice, and am always snacking on raw veggies with dip and hummus.’ Sounds… healthy.

And what about snacks?


Even the Kendall Jenner diet involves a few treats…

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What does a Kendall Jenner food obsession look like?  ‘I’m also obsessed with frozen yogurt. I could eat it every day, but I aim for twice a week to treat myself.’

Dinner sounds lush for this Jenner sister, ‘I love Nobu for sushi or Craig’s, where I order the vegan spaghetti Bolognese or Margherita pizza.’ That’s more like it!

As for little sis Kylie…

Kendall revealed on the Jimmy Fallon show that her billionaire sister has some strange eating habits.

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‘Kylie is a little bit weirder with food.’ Kendall revealed, divulging that growing up, her sis NEVER had milk with her cereal.

She also explained that breakfast for Kylie will often involve some Haagen Dazs ice cream with pomegranate. Okay now we’re interested…

It seems that when you’re as big as those two – you can make the rules up as you go!