What are sisters for, if not to share your embarrassments with the public?

From the outside, you’d probably think that Kendall Jenner has it all.

Not only did she luck out in the beauty lottery, but she has all the fame and access she could ever dream of.

However, it seems as if she missed out on the ability to ride a bike well – and have it be kept a secret, as big sister Khloe Kardashian has posted a picture of her Kendall having a cycle and falling off…and landing flat on her face!

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Khloe, who has come to be known as the most playful of the Kardashian Klan, took to Instagram late on Monday (15th May) to share with fans a video of Kendall riding a bike across a gravelly path.

In true model style, 21-year-old Kendall wore a glamorous pink fluffed pink jacket for her ride.

My work here is done….. @kendalljenner

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The sight of her coming off of the bike wasn’t quite as elegant, however. In the short clip, she rides towards Khloe and tries to stop by putting her leg out on the ground…

…and things don’t quite go as planned.

Going…going…gone (Photo: Instagram)

Not quite feeling sympathetic, Khloe can be heard laughing in the background as Kendall scrambles on the floor.

A cameraman also runs in to film a closer shot of the fallen model – so it’s assumed that we’ll see what the full context of this funny video was on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians soon.

Until then, we have Khlo’s amazing preview to keep us entertained – excuse us as we watch it for the 14th time in a row…