Harry Styles isn't ready to commit to Kendall Jenner, as rumours circulate that he's been seen with other girls

They were supposed to have reunited with a romantic holiday to St Barts, but Kendall Jenner has now told friends that on-off boyfriend Harry Styles is ‘just not that into me’, following rumours he spent time with a fashion stylist and blanked her at a birthday party. Kendall’s sister Khloe Kardashian confirmed that the pair had never ‘had the chat’, so for Harry things were casual and he was free to date other women.
But a source close to Kendall, 20, says she was left crushed after seeing photos of Pandora Lennard spending the night at Harry’s £3.5 million London pad. ‘She allowed herself to get swept away with the romance, upsetting her good friend Taylor Swift who’s also dated the One Direction star in the past, in the process.’
Kendall and Harry first dated in November 2013 but split three months later due to conflicting work schedules. However, some sources claimed at the time that Harry ended the relationship because Kendall ‘wasn’t his dream girl.’
‘Kendall is kicking herself for getting sucked in again by Harry. She feels like such a fool,’ reveals our source. ‘It’s true that they never talked specifically about the relationship, but she never would have hooked up with him so publicly if she knew it was just going to stay casual. She caused huge drama among her friends and really upset Taylor because they made a pact never to give Harry the time of day again.’
Kendall was upset further when she attended music manager Jeff Azoff’s birthday party last week at the Troubadour club. Harry, 21, was also at the West Hollywood party but insiders say he blanked her, causing an upset Kendall to walk out.


‘All the rumours about Harry with Pandora were hard enough to deal with but when she finally saw Harry again he was totally cold and barely said two words to her’ the source continues.


But a friend of Harry’s insists they were never ‘an exclusive item.’


‘Their holiday in St Bart’s got blown way out of proportion,’ says the friend. ‘Harry finally has some freedom while One Direction are on hiatus and the last thing he wants is to be locked down in a relationship, even if it is with a girl as cool and gorgeous as Kendall. It’s nothing to do with her, it’s just not where his head is at.’