As Kendall Jenner ‘forgets’ to invite Kim Kardashian to her birthday lunch, it seems she’s to become the bigger star

Two years ago, Kendall Jenner was mainly known as the awkward younger half-sister of Kim Kardashian. Using her fame to help her sibling, Kim introduced Kendall into the showbiz world. Little did she know that a year on and several modelling contracts later, Kendall would be celebrating her 19th birthday without her to prove she’s the one now wearing the Kardashian crown.

‘Now that Kendall’s a fully fledged, confident supermodel, she seems to be forgetting who was there for her on her way up,’ a source tells Now. ‘Kendall thinks she’s the star and Kim’s old news – there’s talk she’s become a bit of a diva.’

When Kendall celebrated her birthday last week, she invited family members including half-sisters Khloé and Kourtney and mum Kris, to a celebratory lunch at Hotel Bel-Air in LA. But Kim, 34, was missing from the invite list. Khloé revealed: ‘I asked Kim: “Oh, are you going?” And she was like: “I didn’t know Kendall was doing anything!”‘

Our source reckons it’s no coincidence Kendall’s snub has become public knowledge. ‘Even six months ago, Kendall would have begged Kim and Kanye West to come to her birthday party so the paparazzi would, too. Now it’s like she’s sending a message to Kim that she’s the one people care about and she doesn’t need her.’

When Kim did turn up at Kendall’s second round of celebrations that evening, she stole the birthday girl’s thunder by debuting her new bleached blonde eyebrows – and only posted pics of herself with Kanye and Cara Delevingne.

According to another friend, Kendall’s freezing Kim out – and that’s been encouraged by Kourtney, 35, and Khloé, 30, who are ‘loving’ the idea of Kim’s fame being eclipsed by their younger sibling.
‘Kourtney hasn’t got on with Kim for years – they constantly fight over their fashion brand Dash – and Khloé also has a tricky relationship with her,’ says the insider. Khloé and Kim famously fell out on their reality show when Khloé found her insensitive to her fertility problems.

Another person missing from the birthday proceedings was younger sister Kylie, 17, who was spotted leaving a Beverly Hills hair salon at the time of Kendall’s celebrations. Just a year ago, the pair were inseparable, constantly posting snaps together on Instagram with matching make-up and poses.

But the last time they were pictured together on either of their Instagrams was in August, when Kylie was snapped in the background of one of Kendall’s modelling shoots. Kylie posted an image the same month of the pair hanging out, but they haven’t mentioned one another since.

In fact, Kylie was the only Kardashian sibling who didn’t wish Kendall a happy birthday via social media. Last year, she admitted she needed a break from Kendall, saying: ‘As an older sister, she puts a lot of pressure on me and sometimes I just need to hang out with my friends alone – and she needs to do the same.’

Kendall’s done just that, ditching her family in favour of her new A-list friends, including Cara and Selena Gomez, who were there to celebrate Kendall’s birthday at a karaoke bar. ‘She has all these famous friends now. Paparazzi follow her everywhere, so she clearly feels she no longer needs Kim,’ says our source.

Is this the start of a new Kardashian era? Kim might need to watch out.

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